Client Testimonials

Dear Linda,

How can I thank you?

As my family member’s age and their health deteriorates, they need more and more time and attention. Since I live out of state, it is impossible for me to properly coordinate the care needs of my family from a long distance while I am working full-time. Through the National Association of Professional geriatric Care Managers website, I found you listed as a care manager.

For years, my parents saw to my mentally ill brother’s needs but now they are in nursing homes themselves. I found myself in charge of my parents and their affairs in one part of the state and in charge of my brother and his affairs in another part of the state. I desperately needed help with my brother. Relocation for him was out of the question as too disruptive and he needed easy access to the Danville, IL Veterans Administration Hospital. The VA workers were not able to provide as much personal care as I wanted for him. I needed boots on the ground! Not only are you my on-site eyes and ears but you also opened your heart to my brother. Your personal touch significantly improved his quality of life. From shopping trips to doctor appointments to dining out to hospital visits, you are there for my brother when I cannot be. I am so impressed by your ability to personally connect to an older, mentally ill veteran. His schizophrenia often acts as a barrier to personal relationships but that did not stop you!

By coordinating his care and handling all sorts of situations in a professional yet personable manner, you help keep my brother healthy, happy, and on track with his overall care program. I trust you implicitly to keep his best interests as your guiding principle. I highly recommend your services.
Your help lightens the load on my heart.



We wanted to take the time to let you know how valuable your care of our mother is for our family. We live a distance from Mother and the closest sibling is a 2 hour drive away from Mother. Mother wants to continue to live alone in her own home and you have made that possible. You are providing a RN’s perspective on her medical needs. You are doing it with a heartfelt touch. You are available 24/7 for a medical emergency.

You are flexible with your time as you manage Mom’s care. Doctor visits are productive because you help Mom and our family understand what is medically being said during the visits. You do follow-up with those visits. You find solutions to our Mother’s needs through your network of providers. Your reports are easily understood by us. In closing, someone might think that 6 adult children would be able to manage the health concerns of a parent. Distance has proved that this is not our case. You, Lin have stepped in to help us take care of our Mother.

Thank you

Janice and Family

I care for my 102 year old mother in my home. Linda has been coming to my home once a month for over a year. She takes my mother’s vitals, answers any questions or concerns I may have. Linda has shown me how to do simple caregiver tasks which has helped me and made my mother more comfortable. I have called her with concerns between scheduled visits and she has come right over. Just knowing that I can contact Linda when I need to, has given me peace of mind. I would recommend Linda to anyone who would ask.