Welcome to Family Care Management

Family Care Management cares for your family. We want to preserve your relationships with those you love and we believe that this is something that can be achieved through Care Management. Aging in place can be a realistic option for you and your family.

If mom or dad is becoming more and more dependent on others during their old age, we know that it can be frustrating. You want to be there for them as much as you can but you also have a job to attend or your own children who need you. You want to arrange for professional senior care but don’t know where to start.

This is where Family Care Management comes in. We help you and your family secure continuity of care for your senior loved one and we cover all aspects of their needs including care management, financial management, personal care and trust administration. Find out more about our assistance services by calling us at 217-260-5453.


Family Care Management has a mission to help seniors and their families to make sound decisions for elderly living. We want to make your senior care experience meaningful and beautiful, where your health needs are sufficiently addressed in your home or in your preferred care facility.
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